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Nexus FIPS Mode Command Not Working

Hello Fellow Network Engineers! This is probably an easy question, but I have not worked with Nexus switches all that much, so a little unfamiliar with some of the configuration.  I am trying the run the " fips mode enable" command in global configur...

jmh0211 by Beginner
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SFP's needed for new switches

Hello folks, I am looking to purchase the following switch as Layer 3 C9300X-24Y-A and following switch as Layer 2 C9200L-48P-4X-E. The current old switches 3850 & 3650 that are being replaced have the following SFP for the most part "SFP-10GBase-SR"...

caleb1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Upgrade C9300-48S

Hi everyone.I'm gonna upgrade IOS-XE of our L3 Cisco C9300-48S. Now, switch running on version 17.3.2r, I think that is Amsterdam version. So I would like to ask, which version of IOS-XE is better for upgrade?  I mean, more stable, more fixed bugs, e...

Catalyst 9000 feature Openflow, flow requests.

I'm implementing a controller for Openflow switches.   We install some default flows upon switch connection - such as  "Table 0 GOTO Table 1",  "Table 1 GOTO Table 2",  and so on.   We also install a few flows like "Send ARP packets to the controller...

joecoates by Beginner
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2960 stack upgrade

 unable to upgrade 2960 x switch to c2960x-universalk9-tar.152-7.E6.tar.getting below error Could not buffer tarfile...using multiple downloadsexamining image...%Error opening tftp:// (No such f ile or d...

syed123 by Beginner
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Arp drops buffered packet

Hello i have a problem with my topology.When i try to ping to another vlan or the def-gateway i get timed out by arp, but it works on the same vlan.I created the trunks, acces, default gateways and configured the routers.The message wont even leave m...

Broken switch stack leads to 10Gbps flood

Hello! We have a stack of two 2960X switches. From the stack we have an uplink to our core switch on a portchannel with 4 10 Gig interfaces. Our core switch is a VSS with two Cisco 6880-XL switches.Here are the connections between the 2960X stack and...

vss2-po110.png vss2-te1-2-13 te2-0-1.png vss2-te1-2-14 te1-0-1.png vss2-te2-2-13 te1-0-2.png
andreis by Beginner
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4500x VSS config-register not synced

I have 2 4500x switches operate in VSS.  The current config-register value is 0x2101 and I want to change it to 0x2102.  I changed it on the primary, did a  write mem and the primary chassis says it will be 0x2012 at the next reboot.  However, the co...

apache_le by Beginner
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Resolved! Building First Network

Transitioning from NetSim Lite, and I'm stuck trying to create my first network. PC's cannot Ping to any device on the network. I've tried setting up IP addresses and DHCP, but PCs tell me DHCP requests fail. The switches have MAC addresses but simul...

kevkalu by Beginner
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SSH problem C3650

As shown below I have a network with two L3 switches CoreSW C6500 and S2 C3650, they form OSPFv3 adjacency over vlan 724. The following networks and are all part of area 0, on S2 172.24.x.0/24 are all part of area 24 exc...

SSH problem.png