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Hello friends I am in need of a help.  I am currently working on a setup for a client. Topology is simple. There are 2 sites connected together over 2 P2P links. These are both layer 2 links.  I recently replaced their EoL cisco 3500 switches ( 4 the...

Baz1977 by Level 1
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I am seeing a lot of ARP-4-OWN_SRCMAC errors being thrown by a few pairs of Nexus 9K switches that we have deployed. Here are an example of the errors from one pair: Sep 23 14:30:53 sw2 : 2020 Sep 23 19:30:53.206 UTC: %ARP-4-OWN_SRCMAC: arp [14128] R...

datw by Level 1
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HI all, hope to find everyone wellRecently was put up with this challenge at my work place.I have a campus network with around 25 Ciscos 3560 with the IPBase license on them. Every switch is handling the same vlans (10,20,30,40) but different network...

Hi ThereI have recently been looking at the 9300 line of switches and I have noticed they do the UXB series which have 64Mbit buffers instead of 32Mbit on the other models.What are the benefits of these larger buffers as I thought these switches are ...

hello, if i have 2 layer 3 switches and a set of layer 2 access switches in between so it forms a loop (the layer 3 on the edges of the loop and the layer 2 access switch in between as a physical connectivity), is that will affect the HSRP response c...

Hi, I would like to ask you about a design question that I am struggling with since I am a fairly new here and don't have enough knowledge on cisco device/solution portfolio. It's a simple which product applies here type of question but I need help n...

MS1111 by Level 1
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Hi all, im currently a student studying a cert 4 in Cybersecurity and im on my final assessment. My issue is that even with all these configurations being correct, PC A cannot ping past the Switch and PC B cannot even ping the default gateway, i've d...

Matt01607 by Level 1
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I am working with several mixed stack 2960 series switches consisting of 2960S and 2960X switches stacked together. Current recommended versions are not the same for those switches (See below), can those disparate versions live together on the indivi...

jvooght01 by Level 1
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Hello,I have two Catalyst 9200L's correctly stacked with stacking cables, I also have two Catalyst 9500's that are correctly stacked using virtual stacking. Is there a way that I can connect these the 9200L's and the 9500's so that they form one core...

hayej058 by Level 1
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