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Resolved! EtherSwitch configuration on Cisco 2921

This is my first time to deal with EtherSwitch module, I have router Cisco CISCO2921/K9 and EtherSwitch module "SM-X-ES3-24-P: EtherSwitch SM L3" installed on it. I have many questions about how it does work:   1- If I want to create a routed interfa...

Increase CPU in Cisco 3750x 12s-s

Hi everybodyi have a problem , i have 2 Cisco 3750x 12S-S and stack with them. this week 3 time my Switch CPU load Up to 100 % and my network is down just i can discanect power cable, i dont have any Port fast on my network but i dont now why increas...

Disable Auto Save Configuration

Hi all,            Does anyone know how to disable auto save configuration on switch 3850? Now, I don't need to execute command "wr", the switch automatically saves configuration by itself after I exit from "conf t". My goal is to manually type "wr" ...

PolarPanda by Beginner
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Resolved! Why can't run crypto key generate rsa

I have switch 3548-XL with version 12.0(5.3)WC. When attempting to run crypto key genearte rsa, it doesn't work. Why?IP200#conf t Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. IP200(config)#hostname IP200 IP200(config)#ip domain-name ...

2960S redundancy for Trunk

Hello,  Ive done a fair bit of searching this morning and am not able to find anything which covers which im looking for. We currently have a trunk port with a few VLANS which we will be adding more to over the next few weeks. My main query is settin...

Tippey by Beginner
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MAC Sec on 9410

Hi there,Thanks for reading!I'm seeing that this supervisor Supervisor Engine-1XL doesnt support hardware MAC Sec.  Do we need to replace it with Supervisor Engine-1XL-Y to get 5he benefit?Thanks!Bob

Bob Greer by Enthusiast
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Recommended Switch setup with PXE Boot

Hi Guys, I have a quick question regarding deploying PXE boot into a LAN environment, if you could please advise on whether the below is a recommended solution that would be great: Place the PXE Server on a separate subnet to your user machinesConfig...

a_naipaul by Beginner
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Console Port Security

Hi, I had a question about console port security. We have some production switches that are not locked up in our enviroment - leaving them vulnerable to a break-in. I don't want to disable the recovery feature as I might need it. Are there locks you ...

Resolved! nexus 9000 not forwarding L3

i've got a nexus 9000 (C93108TC-EX) that is connected to another switched network that i do not control that i am trying to forward L3 through. i've setup a vlan interface, and a sub interface on the switch port connected to the other switch, and can...

timbot18 by Beginner
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Resolved! sg350 - change from layer 2 to 3

hi all, whats the terminal command again to change from layer 2 to layer 3 as i want to add different ips to different vlans is there a quick way of checking this information out ie if i do a "sh run" command? thanks,rob

3850/3650 Denali code not logging debugs to syslog

I am in need of running debug for a long time (several days).  I found where the new Denali code uses set platform software trace commands for debug of RADIUS and dot1x.  Did the set commands, and can see debug messages via show platform software tra...

wags by Beginner
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VMware/iSCSI SAN cisco 2960x

I am planning to change the existing dell sws N2048 to the 2960x... I've heard that 2960x are not design to work with iSCSI as their performance is not enough. So can someone confirm if this is the right statement and if it is, what should be the cor...