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DNA Backup and Restore

Hello All, I have this scenario ; I have one DNA-C with appliance.1-Is it possible take a backup (I guess yes via SFTP)2-In case my appliance is broken and bring the new one is it possible to restore from the backup to that new appliance Did anybody ...

ergonullu by Beginner
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Enable MSTP in Cisco6509 Core Switch

Hi Team, Currently my 6509 running on STP since i want to add more vlans in 6509, what would be best STP method configure my SWITCH ? Is it MSTP, PVST or RSTP ? What are the configuration changes to do done in two core switches ? What are the changes...

prashanma by Beginner
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ie4000 802.1AS set local clock

Hi all,I try to use ie4000 switch as a TSN grandmaster, it seems to work (my other equipments are slave and detect the switch as a Grandmaster). The problem is the clock send to the slave haven't the right time. I added a NTP source which is synchron...

kaboom by Beginner
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3850 AUX port

I noticed that, on a 3850 switch, that a "sh line" shows I have an AUX port on the system.  However, physically I don't actually see it, only the console port.  Does it actually exist, or is it a repurposing of the "con" port? I ask, as It would be h...

6500 power modes

  It's been a while since I had to do this and I have obviously forgotten most of it but I am having trouble understanding the below output -      DCP-6509A-DC1-CO#sh powersystem power redundancy mode = redundantsystem power total = 3795.12 Watts (90...

Jon Marshall by VIP Community Legend
  • 16 replies
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Resolved! IP Phone 802.1x mab authenticaon

Hi everyone, We have configured 802.1x wired authentication with NPS server.We enable mab for ip-phone authentication.  Here is our interface configuration:interface GigabitEthernet0/9switchport access vlan 21switchport mode accessswitchport voice vl...

tim.zhao by Beginner
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Cannot ping hosts from switch (Catalyst 3650)

Hello everyone, I have a network of two hosts, connecting to a Catalyst 3650 switch, which connect to outside network.The two hosts can ping each other, have known IP address (172.16.11.x) and same subnet. However I am not able to ping the host from ...

nttuan by Beginner
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Vulnerability issue in 3750v2 switch

In audit observation find Vulnerability issue and need to resolve this.Switch Model : WS-C3750V2-24TSSwitch Version : c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.150-2.SE11.binVulnerability : Nessus Plugin ID:71049   (Disable MD5 and 96-bit MAC algorithms)https://www.tena...

Tarun Vyas by Beginner
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cat 9300 spanning tree between siwtches

hello cisco what is best configuration of spanning tree on the following types of ports?1 - access ports- dedicated/isloated VLAN  for iscsi traffic - should i disable ?2 - trunk port - connected to other switches - should i disable ? thanks, 

Cisco switch 3850

I am trying to reset the Cisco Switch 3850 to factory settings due to not knowing the password for the switch. Last system administrator of my organization did not record any credentials and when i joined I didn't have enough time to ask him for the ...

Understanding peculiar VTP behavior

I'm using GNS3 with VIRL images (vios_l2-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SSA.152-4.0.55.E). I'm trying to understand the behavior I'm seeing. It almost seems like it's a fluke with the emulation. I've posted over in /r/ccnp (found here) and I've gotten a bit ...

SvuEyw2 vtp_issue.PNG
sslproxy by Beginner
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Excess Defer frames on each Mitel ip phone port

Hi, I have an issue with Mitel ip phones on my lan. Each switchport which has a phone connected to, shows a high output drop count, and doing a "show controllers" indicate high Excess Defer frames. Users have problems with call transfer, and crappy s...

YVI by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! 2960 switch not loading the new IOS image

Hi-I'm not sure what I'm missing here but I've successfully loaded a new IOS (c2960-lanlitek9-mz.152-4.E6.bin), changed the boot statement, confirmed the next boot and then reload the switch. After reload it still winds up loading the previous IOS (c...

rwaeger01 by Beginner
  • 11 replies
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