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new access switches - 9200(L) vs 9300(L)

Hey all,I need to buy new access switches and I noticed some things:1) Why do C9200-48P and C9200L-48P-4X have a 1000 watts power supply, whereas C9300-48P and C9300L-48P-X have a 715 watts power supply? I mean, all switches are POE switches with 48 ...

as00001111 by Beginner
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IOS ISSUE FOR 3850 switches.

Hi,Currently one site has 2* WS-C3850-24T-E in stack manner and we are going to add WS-C3850-12S-S in this Stack so Please let me know how can I downgrade IOS for WS-C3850-24T-E to WS-C3850-24T-s so that we can make stack of 3

knaik99 by Beginner
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I am having trouble routing traffic via vlans. see diagram below.Existing deployment is to go over a vpn from the router to main data center. Internet connection is out the same router. We have now had a L2 link installed, so that all the traffic goe...

2019-10-08 06_26_41-Clipboard.jpg
pcromwell by Participant
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ASA5505 - static route is not working

Hello everyone,I've got two internal networks which belong to the inside vlan (or I guess it is) : and IP address of my ASA is and the router used to make the two networks talk has got two interfaces ...

Resolved! Layer 3 point to point links

I have a design question. I am in the middle of restructuring our network using a routed access layer design. I am using a /16 for each building i have, then a /24 for individual vlans within that building and advertising a /8 to my core. Th...

cowetacoit by Beginner
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Cable-diagnostics don't match up / CRC Errors

Noticed a bunch of errors on this interface earlier. I also noticed that the Pair's dont match up when doing a "sh cable-diag" on this interface. Is that of concern or a display bug? (2960-X) 2960X-Downstairs#sh cable-diagnostics tdr interface gi3/0/...

joebrug by Beginner
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IE3000 Mounting

IE3000-8TCAll pictures in the installation manual show the IE3000-8TC mounted in the horizontal direction with the venting top and bottom.Can the IE3000-8TC be mounted vertically with the venting to the left and right?Thank you

Resolved! Cisco SF300 Small Business Switch

Hi,I'm currently learning about switching with my Cisco SF300 small business switch 24 port, I'm looking to then set up VLAN's etc but struggling on obtaining the default IP address.I bought a 'Console serial cable to Ethernet' cable to plug into the...

jord9857 by Beginner
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VXLAN , l3 overlay (possible bug?)

Hello forum members, So the other day i was testing VXLAN in a virtual environment with a bunch of Nexus 9000v's (ver. 9.3.1)I stumbled upon a Cisco document, where they mentioned a VXLAN design scenario with a L3 overlay for reachability to external...

Steve7786 by Beginner
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