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Hi,I have successfully set up VXLAN configuration in GNS3 and its working fine.Even with HSRP, its working fine.However, this is not what I would like to do.I have 2 DC, namely PROD and DR.On each DC, there are 2 Nexus 9k switches with VPC enabled.I ...

cHrome08 by Level 1
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Hello i have a switch ME3800X Serie  and when starting boot , it stops   i wait more 15 minute and it  is not continuou : (  as an image that I send to you )  ME-3800X-24FS-M See picture !! so please how i can resole the problem of boot !!!   

Resolved! STP Issue

often we are receiving the STP change logs from the L2 switch and we could see flap in uplinks. We are getting log below.     %SFF8472-3-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Gi1/1/1: Rx power low warning; Operating value: -18.2 dBm, Threshold value: -16.9 dBm.     %...

We have been upgrading our 3850's to the 16.12.3a but have run into issues with polling hardware status in Solarwinds. When I looked into it further I discovered SNMP Delayed messages. I found numerous bugs for different values and tried applying SNM...

AdamF1 by Level 1
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Hello everyone. I have a switch that I'm applying authentication with radius, but it doesn't work.Checking the authentication logs I see the request arriving at high ports and not at 1812.Please, does anyone have any ideas or parameters that can be a...

jocileiaa by Level 1
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EDIT: THE SWITCH PASSWORD IS CiscoHi people, I've been struggling with this problem all day.So I got 3 VLANsVLAN 10: 20: 30: I have a DHCP server on VLAN 10 and I need VLAN 20 to be able to c...

I have four 48 port POE 9300's in a stack.  One has a 2x40G QSFP+ module, and another has a 8x10G SFP+ module.  The other two switches have no modules.  Both data and power stacking is used and connected properly.  The ios shows the data stack at 480...

Hi alli know that switches have igmp  enabled by default, what happens to multicast traffic when this is the case? Is it flooded to all ports or not?what happens in the case of no pim router on querier? Do they drop or forward still ?cheers

Hello i have a switch  ME-3400-24FS-A   So i have  a problem  .so I check switch :  Show version  and i find message erreur : !!! WARNING: The switch is not usable ! ///////////////////////////////////////Switch#show versionCisco IOS Software, ME340x...

I have a c220 m5 with a VIC 1457. This server is using port-0 and port-1 with 10GB twinax cables split between 2 Nexus 9k's. I am trying to put these to physical connections into a VPC using LACP on each of the switch ports. The only thing I could fi...

Hey Guys!  Our organization recently purchased the ASAv and deployed it in our AWS VPC. Our plan is to use it as a Site-to-Site VPN endpoint for our managed service clients. We have it configured with 3 interfaces, each having a private IP address in...

gjohnson by Level 1
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