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Resolved! Changing the master switch in a stack

Hi I have a stack of 2 Cat9200 switch and when they booted switch 2 became the master.How do I change this without any downtime? SW-1#show switchSwitch/Stack Mac Address : ****.****.**** - Local Mac AddressMac persistency wait time: IndefiniteH/W Cur...

Help with ACL Issue

GreetingsI have created an Extended ACL with the intent of permitting web traffic, SMB from a file server, and RDP from two specific hosts (or at least this is the intent). ICMP is ideally disallowed. The ACL is as follows: Extended IP access list AM...

dctcadmin by Beginner
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Orange light on SUP card

I have an orange light on my SUP card in slot 3 of my 4507. Is that just because it's in standby?   4507#sh envno temperature alarms Module Sensor Temperature Status ------+--------------------------+--------------------+------------1 air inlet 24C (...

Unable to log on a Cisco G300 switch.

Hi all,I've just moved to an house where a G300 switch is behind a router provided by the internet provider.the former owner left without giving me proper information so I need to explore the network from scratch.the router is acting as DHCP provider...

Cisco ASA configration

I want to connect to a Database server( on the outside interface, which is connected to our plant wide network and assinged an IP ( via DHCP , from my Inside network ( But i a...

Resolved! 4500X Routing/ARP Issue

We are experiencing an odd issue with one of our Catalyst 4500X switches.   We recently installed a new one of these into one of our campuses as a replacement for the Core switch of the site. We had already installed one into the Core of another site...

John King by Beginner
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LAN and WAN Routing 2900 router

we have a cisco 2900 router and which was configured by our previous ISP engineer, now we have changed our ISP the new ISP is proving us service through radio link they have set their device on tower from where a wire runs into an other device and fr...

bilal.su17 by Beginner
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Help with express setup IE 2000 8tc-g

I'm setting up a network with an IE2000 and started following the express setup guide.I got stuck at step 6 "When the Setup LED turns solid green, start a browser session on the PC. A login prompt appears." The login prompt never appeared. I tried bo...

JPN by Beginner
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VTPv3 client overrides vlan database

Hi, I read an article about the vtpv3 :https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/switches/catalyst-6500-series-switches/solution_guide_c78_508010.htmlIn it is stated that one of the advantages of vtp v3 is that : • Protection from unintended ...

_roman_ by Beginner
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Catalyst switch 3850 is not getting associated with stack after IOS upgrade from denali to everest

Hi  I am facing an issue on cisco 3850 switch stack , one of the switch is not getting associated with the existing stack after the IOS upgrade from Denali 16.3.6 to Everest 16.6.5. I can able to see the stack cable status Regards Benson