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Hi, Is the port access or trunk mode? it has both config but which take precedence? What is the best command to verify? switchport access vlan 10switchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswitchport mode access

getaway51 by Level 2
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Resolved! VTP mode OFF

Hi Experts,, If VTP is not running in a network , is there any problem in using VTP MODE OFF  in the switches ? or still we should use VTP MODE TRANSPARENT. thanks

Dear All, I am missing something but what is it? Not getting any idea. I am configuring Netflow 9 and I am not getting top-talker on the prtg.    flow record frPrtgdescription Prtgmatch ipv4 tosmatch ipv4 protocolmatch ipv4 source addressmatch ipv4 d...

Good MorningWe have a couple of 4500 switches that are being removed. Thery are no longer connected to the network and I am trying to get into them. Just get the user mode prompt and when I try to log in with password I set it doesnt work. Do I need ...

beach5563 by Level 1
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I have seen announcements for support of the Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) for use with the SONiC network operating system on some models of the Nexus switches: Last year, we announced new portability options for data center networking software ...

richawil by Cisco Employee
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Hey.I have some pnp problems booting up a ie3300 switch. For some reason it gets the ip-address but not the tftp bootstrap file - using option 150 (it works on vlan 1) I have change the pnp to startup i vlan 5. 1: After the DTP (trunk negotiation is ...

qukquk by Level 1
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Hi, hopefully this is the right place for this question We have been having issue with DHCP Ip address assignment for the past 3-4 weeks now where by some users pc/laptop (both LAN and Wireless) are not getting IP address. Its getting an APIPA. We ha...

la.pm by Level 1
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This is a strange problem, posting here because we haven't been able to isolate the source of the issue. We recently migrated few switch stacks from 3750X/V2 to 2960X in different sites. After the migration, we are observing intermittent connectivity...

kumardilip by Level 1
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Folks, just wanted to confirm this is right:Imagine people is not sure which IP's should be allowed on a certain ACL. Then I need to find it. I thought about adding a "deny any any log" to the end of the ACl. The way I understand is that the "deny an...

news2010a by Level 3
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Hi! I have a network consisting of 1 router as a dhcp server which is connected to the main switch (SW-MAIN) , this switch has 1 controller connected and is also connected with multiple PoE switches with APs on them. The router has an ip of 10.10.10....

hehexd by Level 1
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Hello Everyone... I am trying to build out a LACP Etherchannel between a Dell R540 and a Cisco 2960XR. Everytime I build out a Port Channel interface, the ports stay in a suspended state. I cannot get them out of it. I have tried setting the switch a...

TW80CJ5 by Level 3
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