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Output drop

Hello everybodyWe have a couple of 3850 (Stacked) and we use it in our aggregation layer.ports on this switches are bundled in port-channels to downstream switchesMore than half of port are free(not connected for future).As you know, 3850 series are ...

salemmahara by Participant
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Resolved! Cisco 3750X - Show DNS and Gateway for DHCP Pool

Hi,just a simple little question, but i wasn't able to find my answers i the documentary.I know i can "shop ip dhcp pool" and so on to show dhcp pools. And i know how to change the dns and gateway for one pool. But how can i show and read the current...

rumak18 by Beginner
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Network design with Cisco Nexus hardware

Hello everybody. Please help me to improve my knowledge about nexus 5010 and 2232p devices. I want to use this design in my network. Need to translate vlan 200 from A to D. Is it possible to use connection like this to realise my plan? And the second...

musho5755 by Beginner
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Resolved! Upgrade Catalyst 3750X from Cisco Prime

Hi,I want to upgrade a number of Catalyst 3750X-switches and want to do this from Cisco Prime. When I check the recommended image version from Prime the recommended images for both the Catalyst itself and the 10G network module is listed. So my quest...

cisco by Beginner
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how to enable 802.1x Authentication for PC vlans and bypass for certain vlans like printers,voip

Hi, I search and found various kinds of 802.1x config but not sure which to follow.Is there any good working config and real examples that i can follow to enable 802.1x authentication on PC vlan but bypass on certain vlans like IP phones, printers,et...

getaway51 by Explorer
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CLI lines are missing in few of the phone

Hello Team, I am facing issue in the recording server . Seeking for solution if anyone have.Both Physical and Virtual Server is connected through user switch where all phones are connected through VLAN X.Both are taking the audio input from the CME.F...

Resolved! Bandwidth/Throughput & EtherChannels

I am going through the CCNP Switch and I have a question that a CCIE (almost) and I are stuck on:If Gigabit Ethernet ports are bundled into a single EtherChannel, what is the maximum throughput that can be achieved from one switch to another?I though...