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Resolved! Primary/Secondary Nexus 5672UP Chassis vPC

If I have two 10Gig SFP setup in a port channel (vPC) from both my Primary Nexus 5k and my Secondary Nexus 5K going back to my core switch which is a 6807 VSS, so a primary and secondary but it's logically one switch. So one port on the Nexus primary...

Cisco SG300-28 ip routing

I already googled through this but they are showing the catalyst switches.how to check if ip routing on Cisco SG300-28 layer 3 switch is enabled? it doesn't show on the running config.I am trying to setup inter-vlan routing on the sg300-28 switch.I s...

Resolved! IP Input.

Dear CISCO Team, Crruntly I have deployed a C2900 Series Router. It's utilizing CPU maximum to 80% & Average to 70%. I have checked using process cpu command & found there is a process call IP Input which is using maximum CPU process. Kindly, advise ...

azibnaseem by Beginner
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DSCP Transparent mode

Hi,  I need to know if there is any way to check is dscp rewrite is enabled or disabled in Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices. I am using CAT9500, Cat 4500, ME3600 and ASR920 devices. I am trying show mls qos command, same as in Cat3750, but it is not worki...

aridy by Beginner
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DHCP request failed

Greetings, i recently just started on cisco packet tracer and i'm struggling with the DHCP request. Can anyone give me a solution as im been trying everything out and it did not work at all. 

Cisco Business 250 Restore Configuration

I would like to backup our Cisco Business 250 switch for training and then restore it. Via the WebUI under "File Management --> File Operations" I have the possibility to create a backup of the Running Configuration or StartupConfiguration. The backu...

rfigade by Beginner
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Static Routing

Design all private IP addresses to use the All private IP addresses must be in the range Change all public IP addresses to use the subnet. All public addresses must be in the range

Resolved! Cisco TDR Test Question

Working off a WS-C4510R+ERan TDR test on a port and here are the results:Gi4/34 1Gbps1-2 54 +/-1m Unknown Terminated3-6 54 +/-1m Unknown Terminated4-5 36 +/-1m Unknown Open7-8 36 +/-1m Unknown Open I believe terminated represents "Normal" now in newe...

deleting a directory in flash:

Started to upgrade IOS image on new switch, upgrage was interrupted. Now when I issue the command to upgrade image I get error message "unable to create temp dir flash:update". There is an Update directory already there and I am assuming I need to ...

GaryRS by Beginner
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Basic switchport trunk config for GOOSE end device?

We have a Stratix 5400-series switch with Siemens relays connected to three switch ports.  The relays need to be able to communicate with each other via GOOSE, the ports are all on the same VLAN, and the GOOSE traffic is all constrained to just that ...

RB6502 by Beginner
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