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Build a network system to connect all the offices

Please Help us to configure the topology of the network in order to create the network.


A new social media app named “Thunder Chat” is planning to open multiple offices in England. They hire your group as a network engineer to help them build a network system to connect all the offices. Below is the requirement list you need to follow to build the network. 


  1. These are the number of hosts each office has,
    • London(1240)
    • Birmingham(546)
    • Manchester(240)
    • Leeds(327)
    • Sheffield(915)
    • Liverpool(98)
      they are also planning to at least double the number of hosts in each office next year. So you guys have to keep in mind at the time of assigning IP addresses. 
  2. Leeds-Sheffield and Sheffield- Liverpool should be connected with each other manually. 
  3. Manchester and Birmingham should be connected with each other without human intervention. 
  4. London should work as a connecter between these two groups. Moreover works as a receiver of packets delivered to unknown IP addresses.
  5. Liverpool and Manchester must have a connection between them and this connection should only work if the London router stops working. Otherwise, every packet from Liverpool- Manchester should travel via London.
  6. While assigning IP addresses to London, you need to create a Server named “Our Wish” which will assign IP addresses to host devices dynamically. 
  7. A webserver named “” should be connected with the Manchester server. And display “Welcome to Manchester” if anyone tries to access its web page. 
  8. You need to show at least two end devices for each network.