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c3560X LAN base / IP base software


Recently, I spoke with CISCO pre-sales rep about 3560X series switches. I asked if LAN base software can do inter-VLAN routing, and was told that both LAN base and IP base can.

Now, can someone confirm that LAN base can do inter-VLAN routing (I think it can't, since is layer 2). There is about $1000 difference, so if LAN base can do it, I will go for LAN base.


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Re: c3560X LAN base / IP base software

  It should be able to do intervlan routing , what it doesn't support is a lot of the dynamic routing protocols like ospf , bgp, eigrp etc ...  I think static and RIP are the choices for routing.

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Re: c3560X LAN base / IP base software

the universal software image and a specific software license. If you do not have a service support

contract, such as a SMARTnet contract, download the IP base image from For Catalyst

3750-X and 3560-X switches, this image has the IP base and LAN base feature sets. For Catalyst 3750-E

and 3560-E switches, this image has the IP base feature set.


Re: c3560X LAN base / IP base software


without the ip base license you cannot add the "ip routing" command , so the switch act as layer 2 switch only, this switch is available with the 3 types of license

the lan base: you cannot route between vlans

the ip base: you can add the ip routing command and you can route between vlans and default route

and the ip services so you will have advanced routing protocls like ospf and eigrp and ohter feautures also

you can enable any license as trial for 60 days to make  sure wich one you need before you purchase

and for sure it will cost more the ip base pricelist is about 900 USD, and as cisco partner i can provide it for you with less than 800 USD


Note Features in this section are not supported on switches running the LAN base feature set. Some features noted are available only in the IP services feature set.


HSRP Version 1 (HSRPv1) and HSRP Version 2 (HSRPv2) for Layer 3 router redundancy


IP routing protocols for load balancing and for constructing scalable, routed backbones:


RIP Versions 1 and 2


HSRP for IPv6 (requires the IP base feature set)


OSPF (requires the IP services feature set)


Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP) (requires the IP services feature set)


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Version 4 (requires the IP services feature set)


IP routing between VLANs (inter-VLAN routing) for full Layer 3 routing between two or more VLANs, allowing each VLAN to maintain its own autonomous data-link domain

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