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CAA - Having trouble starting a switch health assessment

John Vincent

I am having trouble starting a Switching Health assessment in CAA after discovering some of our switches...  We have a 3 tier design (4500 Cores ---> 4500 Distribution Layer ---> 3850 Access Layer switches.  I'm not able to select any switches from the drop down list.  they are all greyed out, with a message stating "Must rescan device".  Please see attached.

Also, I'm not able to select anything for the core level...  Is that because our 4500 model isn't a supported "core switch"?  I did also try just going to a 2 tier, and that didn't work either :-(

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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Accepted Solutions

Hi John,

We have looked at your log file and we can see the connection being made for the SSH connection but it looks like the login is failing. There are a few things that can cause that, one is a timeout, two is it is not a valid user/pass or not a level 15 and no enable password is available.

See this link to a page on our Cisco Active Advisor FAQ and Help page:

Make sure you are supplying a level 15 username/password, if not then an enable password also needs to be supplied. Also please adjust the timeout values to give it more time to login in.

If you could try and scan a device or two and see if it works. If not then please get us an updated log file.

Let me know how it works out,

Rowan McFarland

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Efrat Noy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello John,

Rescanning the devices is needed when CAA doesn't have complete information about the device, or enough information to process the Best Practices analysis.

These cases could occur when devices were discovered via SNMP, or via a file upload.

It could also be that these devices were scanned a while ago, so not all necessary information was collected at that time. When launching the Best Practices analysis, we've added more capability into the scanner, in order to support appropriate data collection.

I'd suggest you run a quick rescan of the devices that are missing information. It should not take very long to do, and you'd get the most updated information into your account.

I hope this helps. If not, please let me know.



Hello Efrat,

Thanks for the info! How do I initiate a rescan?