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Can I stack c3560 with c3750?

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Level 1

Can I stack c3560 with c3750?

Currently trying to add 3750 to existing 3560 stacks.

And the above be done?


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Karthick Murugan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
The 3560 series switches can not be stacked. They don't have the stacking cable
connections in the back of the chassis.

So, the only way you can connect a 3560 to a 3750 is by using a copper port or one of the
fiber ports.  3560G comes only with 1Gig SFPs for uplink (no 10Gig capabilities), however
3560X comes with 1Gig or 10Gig capabilities. So, if you have a 3750X and a 3560X, you can
connect them via 1Gig fiber or 10Gig fiber.  The only difference between the 3560X series
and 3750X series is that the 3560X can not be stacked, everything else is the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Karthick Murugan

Thanks & Regards, Karthick Murugan CCIE#39285

I apologize for jumping into this thread but I couldn't help but notice the subject matter, which is similar to the question I am pondering. I have 2 c3560 switches and linked them with a fiber patch cable (like kmuruga2 said, they do not have the stackable capability like the c3750 does). I wish now that I had gotten 2 c3750 switches instead of the 3560 switches...  So my question is: If I wanted to create a channel-group with 2 ports, and have one port on switch-A and the other port on switch-B, is this possible if the 2 switches are c3560 switches connected with simply a patch cable?  Many thanks, Sam

Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

No physical way you can stack the 3560 to anything.  Look at the back.  Do you see any stacking port?

The only "stacking" you can do with a 3650 to, say, a 3750 is "switch clustering". 

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