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Can it be done?


Our company is using AT&T's IP-Flex and for some reason we haven't had internet in 3 days and they don't know what's wrong.  (we paid the bill!)

We  have data, VOIP and VPN connection to 3 locations but no Internet.

It is killing out business! If we just had email it would be very helpful.


I have another ISP router set up on a 1921router which is dedicated using ipsec for eCommerce transactions for our web site; that's all it does!


If I put that 1921 router’s address in my gateway on my PC I can get the internet as long as I put in Google’s address 8. 8. 8. 8  / in my pri & Sec for DNS.


Is there something that I can add to the 1921 router to provide DNS for my email server?


When I add 1921’s gateway address and add for the DNS on the email server I can't ping from a command prompt, but I can ping 8. 8. 8.8.

To me it sounds like DNS is not working! Internet browser does not work because no DNS.(firefox)


My only concern is to get  DNS working on the email server, then I should be able to get email.

I don't use any DHCP on this router, don't need it because I use static addresses on all my devices.

This is what I have in the 1921 router now and it's not doing any thing:

ip domain name
ip host name21
ip name-server   (added)
ip name-server   (added)


Any ideas or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

PS. I have access to the router's config but haven't done this in years, know some basic stuff.-


Re: Can it be done?

If internet is working on your PC and not on the email server, I think you first should try removing all DNS entries on your email Server (ipconfig /flushdns in Windows.) Adding the DNS servers on the router won't help because these only work for the traffic generated by the router itself.



Re: Can it be done?

Thanks for your reply. This is a linux server and added the 1921 gateway to it and the google servers and I still cant get internet access. at a command line I cannot ever ping but can ping

Have rebooted several times.


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