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Can ping Web servers but can't reach web services from different subnet

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Level 1

hello- we can can ping several servers that are connected to 3550 switches but can't reach web services running on those same servers from a different subnet. From same subnet that the servers are on, we can access web services but from any different subnet we can't but we can still ping them. From same subnet we can ping and access web services. The servers are plugged into a 3550 which is connected to a 6500. There are no access lists blocking ports on either of the switches.

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Level 5
Level 5

Since the servers are pinging, there seems to be no routing issues. You can cross check by doing a telnet to the server on specific port.

However at times assymetric routing may be a reason. But I never saw web services suffering, VoIP is common issue on such links.

Can u also check pinging from servers to subnet just to see if pkts are taking the same path either way.

Level 1
Level 1

Are you using GRE by any chance?

Are you using ACL that could deny some TCP/UDP ports??

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