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Can't ping Router RV340W

I have an RV340W with the following settings:

VLAN1       IP:    Mask:   DHCP=Relay->

VLAN10     IP:    Mask:   DHCP: -

VLAN20     IP:    Mask:   DHCP:Disabled


On VLAN1 there is a Windows Server 2012 with DHCP service running and all devices get IP address correctly.

On VLAN10 the device is giving IP for Wireless devices correctly.

VLAN20 is used for devices with fixed IPs.


All devices are connected to an L3 switch and it connects to the RV340W on a Trunk port (Only 1 Port).  All ports on the RV340W has the following VLAN configuration:





InterVlan is Enabled.


All devices from VLAN1 and VLAN10 have Internet access but not the VLAN20.  Also, I can ping all the router IPs from VLAN1.


The biggest issue is that if I connect a laptop on the router in any other port and use any of the IPs from the VLAN10 or VLAN20 I can see the devices on the network of those VLANs but not the Router.



Laptop ip: will ping anything in the subnet but it won't ping (Router) and of course the same for VLAN10


My main goal is to be able to access any device in any VLAN from a trunked port attached to a PC for support purposes.  Before this device we had an RV320 without VLAN and it was working fine.  I'm guessing it was using multineting because the VLAN option was off.


Can someone give me some light on this... I can't figure out for the live of me what I'm missing or doing wrong.


Also, Does anyone if this device can hold more than 1 IP per port like not to use only VLANs????


Thanks in advance!!!!



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Re: Can't ping Router RV340W

It has been ensured that the VLAN is included in the routing process that you are managing, because you can reach the devices of the same VLAN, but not the others, it may not be included in the process, please verify.

Re: Can't ping Router RV340W

Edwin, I had enabled intervlan!


Do I need to create a static route for the others?


I'm lost here... how can a device on VLAN1 can ping all 3 IPs but if I change this device IP's it will ping only those on its own subnet?


So if my VLAN1 is carrying 2 or more subnets ( & why those on the can't ping either of the router's IP.


I have to check if VLAN1 is carrying both subnets!!!!

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Re: Can't ping Router RV340W



in order to be able to connect a PC/laptop to a trunk port, the NIC in the PC/laptop needs to be able to understand tagged traffic. What is the brand/model of your laptop ? Check if the NIC has an option to configure VLAN IDs or virtual adapters...


Re: Can't ping Router RV340W



The device I'm going to use does have an Intel NIC which allows VLANs.

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