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can't set pvlan mode in port to promiscuous because the port next to it is in host mode

John Biederstedt

Pretty much like the subject says.  The document at  "Configuring Private VLANs" indicated that if another port was in promiscuous mode within a group of 24, you couldn't put another port in that group of 24 in host or promiscuous mode.  However, this is the opposite: I have ports on a 6548 line card in host mode, and want to put some in promiscuous mode.  I can't put even one in promiscuous mode.  It seems like I can have any number in host mode, however.

So it looks like the restriction is such that if within a group of 24 on a 6548, if one is set to host, all other pvlan mode on any ports in that group of 24 must be set to host as well.  I'm not sure if that goes for promiscuous as well.

Am I just missing something obvious with respect to configuring pvlans here?  Or is that how the restriction works?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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the restriction is that a promiscuous port can serve only one primary VLAN, one isolated VLAN, and multiple community VLANs.

I think you got a configuration mistake somewhere, try typing the switchport private-vlan mapping command before changing the mode to promiscuous.

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