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Cannot pass traffic between 2 switches

syed kazim abbas

Hello Experts,

I am facing a problem we have 2  switches, they are connected by SFP module. we can ping from one end to another end  through PC.But my client have a software (type of Monitoring) on a PC its connected on SW1 and the SW2 have some machines like Generator , Boiler etc.

Monitoring Pc can't access the traffic of these machines. But when we connected these pc and machines through TP-link switch/Hub, it worked. Any solution?



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Philip D'Ath

Could you post the two switch configs please.

Indicate what ports the generator, etc, are plugged into and what machine the monitoring machine is plugged into.

There is a strong likelihood that if you can ping the devices at the remote end it is not a network issue.

thanks Philip, its SF300 managed swithes and no have configuration there, brand new, just change the default IP.

But i think i have to mention, The PC have 100Mfull duplex and the other machines connected with switch 10Mhalf dublex. but i try to make half duplex of PC as well but no work.

these heavy machines are like big Generator, boiler etc. the monitoring machine is just PC running one software for monitoring these heavy machinery.

I'm not familiar with that model of switch sorry.

Try and leave everything set to auto/auto so the speed and duplex can be auto-detected.  Are the interfaces that everything is plugged into (machines, fibre, etc) all showing link lights?

the lights are okk and status show ports are UP.

And to re-confirm, the monitoring machine can ping these end devices ok?

they don't have capability to ping.