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Cannot ping or telnet neighbor switch

Boian Soloviov

Hi all, I am gobsmacked:

configured two Catalyst 2960G switches connected via trunk ports. Configured on both of them int vlan1 with IP address from the same subnet Configured all other ports on both switches with

sw mo acc

sw acc vlan 1

no shut

When I physically ethernet-connect to switch #1 I can ping and telnet it but not #2. And vice versa when I plug the laptop cable to switch #2 i can perfectly well ping and telnet it but NOT #1. From the IOS console I can sh cdp neighbors, it shows me the other devices properties and port number but even from there the ping does not succeed.

Am I going nuts or what?

Thanks a million!

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Jon Marshall
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Can you post the output of -

1) sh int trunk

2) "sh ip int br | include Vlan"

3) also running config of each switch


Thanks for the fast reply, Jon, will update this info tomorrow.



Hi Jon, community,

to make long story short: it was not a switching problem. E.g. both trunk ports had the vlan 1 as native, both interfaces were up, etc...

What really caused the problem was a remnant from the past, where all the ports of one of the switches were "restricted" to single client with

switchport port-security

The latter was confidgured for the trunk port as well, leading to the default setting of maximum 1. If it wasn't for the Cisco Network Assistant that I fired up and saw over 1000 blocked connections it would have been even longer to define this single line of misconfiguration.

Still thanks a million for the help offered at hard times!




No problem. glad you worked it out and thanks for letting us know.

And at least now you know you aren't going nuts


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