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Cannot ping servers while on same SG-200

I have two SG-200 50's that are connected with a single connection on port 50.

Both have the latest firmware.  No complicated setup, just the default vlan.  Servers vary from Windows 2003/2008/2012, and Unix.  I have a VMWare Server with 17 hosts on it and some are pingable and some are not.  All in the same subnet.  All in the same room.

When connected directly to the bottom switch which has wired direct connections to servers in the same room, I can sometimes ping them and sometimes not.  Sometimes connect to them and sometimes not.  Users are experiencing intermittent disconnects from desks in the office.

No error messages in the logs on the servers or on the switches using the GUI.  STP seems to be operational and showing no errors.  No port errors for packets on either switch.  Changed the port between 49 and 50 for the interconnection of the switches with no effect.  Tested the copper and it showed good.

I've turned off the Green Energy options and have the LED port lights on for activity.

If I disconnect the two switches, the problem will sometimes clear up and I can ping devices directly connected to the same switch.  However there is no apparent cause and effect because I can often ping direct connect devices on the same switch regardless. 

One interesting side note is that often when I ping, the first ping works and the rest fail.  Or the first fails and the rest work.

I've run WireShark and see some gratuitous arps but not anything to overwhelm the network.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot further?