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Cat6500 / ip default-gateway / two SVI / no populated routing tabel



first of all: I know that on platform sup720 it is not possible to disable ip routing on a persistent basis.
My question is: Why is there no populated routing-table on one special c65/sup720-3B/SXH7/several CEF720 modules+ACE. On this c65 we set the command "ip default-gateway" to reach an upstream DFG (in this case a FW). No need to route in this environment. BUT I would like to understand the empty routing table and the not running/disabled CEF ....

We have at least two SVIs up:

show ip int brief | exc unassign

Interface              IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol

Vlan281                x.x.x.x         YES manual up                    up     

Vlan621         YES NVRAM  up                    up 

BUT routing table is empty:

show ip route

Default gateway is

Host               Gateway           Last Use    Total Uses  Interface

ICMP redirect cache is empty


From the "show running" we see (different to our other c65's, most of them routing) that we set the ip default-gateway instead of a "ip route"

show run | inc default-gateway

ip default-gateway

CEF seems to be disabled/not running:

show cef state

CEF Status:

RP instance

common CEF enabled

IPv4 CEF Status:

CEF disabled/not running     <--- WHY ???

dCEF disabled/not running

CEF switching disabled/not running

universal per-destination load sharing algorithm, id B0AD43FC

RRP state:

I am standby RRP:                   no

RF Peer Presence:                   no

RF PeerComm reached:                no

RF Progression blocked:             never

Redundancy mode:                    sso(3)

CEF NSF sync:                       disabled/not running

Does anybody know if there is a correlation between "ip default-gateway" and not populating the routing table and the CEF-output of the command above?




If this helps: two more commands

show ip protocols summary

Index Process Name

0     connected

1     static

2     odr

*** IP Routing is NSF aware ***

show ip route summary    

IP routing table name is Default-IP-Routing-Table(0)

IP routing table maximum-paths is 32

Route Source    Networks    Subnets     Overhead    Memory (bytes)

connected       0           1           72          144

static          0           0           0           0

internal        1                                   2188

Total           1           1           72          2332

Removing Queue Size 0

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cadet alain


what I know is that if ip routing is disabled then you'll get the output you got for show ip route and CEF is disabled globally but this is for other platforms and I'm not sure it is acting the same for the 6500.



Don't forget to rate helpful posts.

Don't forget to rate helpful posts.

Hi Alain,

I also know this from the smaller, more software driven platforms. But on this HW-Router I thougt disableing cef is not possible? So I am wondering about the Routingtable. Imho this could be connect to the "ip default-gateway" command but I am not sure.

Perhaps somebody from cisco could help here?



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