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Cat9300 + Smart Licensing order of operations


Hello everyone.

Our company has purchased 2 Catalyst 9300 switches for one of our customers.

I need to setup stack and paste actual config from old pair to this new pair.

After that new pair will be racked in customer's DC and directed to their local CSSM (Satellite) to get licence.

Will it work in this way ?

Do I have some period of time for this actions (like trial period) or I need to register the switches right away, prior to configuration and replacement old switches with new ?

Thanks in advance.

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Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame Master


Is the new switches don't come with the correct license, you usually have at least a 90 day trail period to get the right license install. If you are going to stack them, make sure both switches have the same IOS and the same license installed.


Thanks Reza.

But can I do all the tasks (including configuration and stacking) prior to licensing ?

And licensing in last turn.


Yes, you can do everything before finalizing the license. Just make sure whatever license they come with is the same for both switches. When you install the finial licenses, you would have to reboot the switches in order for the new license to take effect but that can be done later on down the road.


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Make sure command syntax is correct when moving the config, - I would not suggest mass pasting the config.

Do stage by stage config on the new switches, so you can see any errors when you pasting the config.


you have plenty of time to connect to the local SSM server for License.





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