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Catalyst 2950-24T network, PowerMAC can't work in our LAN


In our LAN basing the cisco switch 2950-24T, ALL PC can work good, but the powermac can't, they can't see together or can see few but can't connection,

whether need to open Appletalk Protocal in this switch? but i can't see any about this command when i show help!

thanks any input!

my msn is "", welcome add me to discuss!



found this link

one section mentions

NIC Model/Manufacture

Apple Macintosh, Power Macintosh G3, and Powerbook G3


Unable to set speed and duplex of built-in Ethernet interface manually.


Apple Speed/Duplex tool is required to manually set speed/duplex of Ethernet interface.


Download Apple Speed/Duplex tool from Apple support website

Thanks your reply!

I can't open the link, can't login.could you send me the document?

BTW, the PowerMAC in our lan that are G4!

added the pdf for your review


Make sure that speed and duplex are set to auto.

Also, make sure you have spanning-tree portfast set on each port.

I have these switches in multiple locations that all have Macs and have never had a problem with the Macs.

thanks alot your reply!

Could you tell me set the speed and duplex to auto that is in PowerMAC or in switch? and How set?

Thank you very much!

interface FastEthernet0/xx (xx=port number)

duplex auto

speed auto

spanning-tree portfast

i got it! i will test it later , however, thanks your help!

i had test, but i can set the Duplex and speed to auto in same time, prompt"Duplex can no be set until speed is set to non-auto value".

Oh yeah, I forgot. When you set the speed to auto, it automatically sets the duplex to auto.


i faced a similar problem when i tried connecting the MAC machines, but it didn't connect. then later i went to the interface

interface fastethernet 0/24

duplex full

speed 100

u need to set this manually when u face this kind of problem, it really workede out for me. since the MAC does have the feature of setting up the speed manually u need to set this in switch port side.

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