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Catalyst 3750 + Catalyst 3750X together in one Stack


Hi all,

if I read the Datasheet of Catalyst 3750X-Series-Switches it is possible to connect a new X-Switch to an existing and old Catalyst 3750-Series Stack.

What kind of requirements are needed? Only same IOS-Version in the hole Stack and if possible same Feature-Set? .... like in a normal NOT mixed Stack?



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"Cisco Catalyst 3750-E and Catalyst 3750-X  StackWise Plus and Cisco Catalyst 3750 StackWise switches can be  combined in the same stack. When this happens, the Cisco Catalyst  3750-E, or Catalyst 3750-Xswitches negotiate from StackWise Plus mode  down to StackWise mode. That is, they no longer perform destination  stripping. However, the Cisco Catalyst 3750-E and the Catalyst 3750-X  will retain its ability to perform local switching."

Take from:

It's worth of reading.

Right, die stacking-bandwith will be reduced from 64Gbps to 32Gbps.

But more interesting is the Patch-, Softwaremanagement and the stability of the stack.

The bootvar is different, So you can not use the "archive download-sw" command to update your stack because you have to use different tar-files. You have to disable the auto-copy-function. What is with bugs? Fixed in the X-series-IOS but not in the "old/normal"-IOS... and now?

So I don' think, that it is a good idea to use a mixed stack.

Leo Laohoo
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If your plain 3750 is using, for example, IP Services feature set then you can get an IP Services feature set for the 3750E/3750X.  I wouldn't recommend using the "universal" when you are mixing them together.

Another thing, 3750/3750G with 16 mb of flash is only limited to 12.2(55)SE and later.  You can't use 12.2(58)SE or 15.0(1)SE.

You are right, I didn't pay attention to the size of the flash.

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