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Catalyst 9200 license needed for plain switching?



I'm searching for a replacement of a C2960X stack, small company with only 2 switches. I was thinking about the 9200 line, but when calling TechData they told me I need to purchase yearly DNA license for it. My thought was, ok, there is Essentials and Advantage, these should be perpetual, but why do I need all the DNA or SD-WAN access stuff what ever. The customer doesn't need fancy guy or central management, just a stack and a CLI :)


Do I really need to sell them yearly licenses for switches where only 1% of features are used? (Vlan, trunk, port-security, stacking)




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ask them about the base license below , tell them you dont want the add ons, i know there were changes again to this system in January of this year as our quotes all changed as we re-did them

Also check this specific 9200 license doc says its mandatory on 9200

How to Order a Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series switch
Both Network Stack licenses and Cisco DNA licenses are mandatory at the time of purchase and
come in two licensing tier options: Essentials (-E) and Advantage (-A). Network Stack Essentials or
Advantage is included with the hardware, while a Cisco DNA term license needs to be selected at the
time of order.
To order in the Cisco Commerce Workspace, follow these steps:
Select the appropriate Catalyst 9200 Series switch SKU with “-E” or “-A” device for the desired
license type.
Choose the preferred consumption model - Cisco DNA Premier, Advantage or Essentials.
Choose the Cisco DNA term license (3, 5 or 7 years).
Add other components (for example secondary power supply, power cables, e

Packaging: Network and Cisco DNA Licensing

The Cisco Catalyst 9000 family of switches introduces a new and simplified licensing package in the form of base and add-on licenses.

● The base licensing package includes the Network Essentials and Network Advantage licensing options that are tied to the hardware. Between them, the base licensing packages cover switching fundamentals, management automation, troubleshooting, and advanced switching features. These base licenses are perpetual.

● The add-on licensing package includes the Cisco DNA Premier, Cisco DNA Advantage and Cisco DNA Essentials options. In addition to on-box capabilities, the features available with this package provide Cisco innovations on the switch, as well as on Cisco DNA Center. The Cisco DNA add-on licenses are available as a subscription.

Thanks, this topic isn't at all clear.

I'm hopeful that we can use the perpetual license for a customer.


Cisco docs don't help tho', and are clearly contradictory - 1 doc says you have 2 flavours, DNA or non-DNA of both Essentials and Advantage. The other doc says there is Essentials (DNA & non-DNA), OR Advantage (DNA & non-DNA).

Links :-


-E  ESSENTIALS - Network Essentials, or Cisco DNA Essentials

-A  ADVANTAGE - Network Advantage, or Cisco DNA Advantage


The other doc,

says this;

Program Summary

The Cisco Catalyst IOS Software Update Program (formerly the “IOS Software Update Policy”) was put in place to complement the warranty used with this product line – Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty for Cisco Catalyst 9200, 9300, 9400, and 9500 Series.

 These switches use a new 2-tier software licensing model:
 (i) Network Essentials or Network Advantage (the “Network Stack”) and
 (ii) Cisco DNA Essentials or Cisco DNA Advantage (the “Cisco DNA Stack”).

The Network Stack is licensed on a perpetual basis, whereas the Cisco DNA Stack is licensed on a subscription basis.

This Program applies to Cisco ONE™ license purchases as well as to a-la-carte license purchases.


So which model is it ??


from my understanding all licenses are perpetual now on the switches especially from 16.9 as there CSSM , they can be moved when the switch is replaced but the access to the DNA is subscription based which is a services access to the DNA system which allows the SD access features which is separate offering from Cisco , its a bit messy to say the least but heres a BOM of mine very recent to show what you get with premier DNA included , thats the most expensive one

the license for the 9ks below can move but to keep SD access i have to pay for it each year i believe , we haven't got to DNA yet bit we are moving down that road

Catalyst 9300-T
C9300-48T-A 2 Catalyst 9300 48-port data only, Network Advantage
C9300-NW-A-48 2 C9300 Network Advantage, 48-port license
S9300UK9-168 2 UNIVERSAL
PWR-C1-350WAC 2 350W AC Config 1 Power Supply
PWR-C1-350WAC/2 2 350W AC Config 1 SecondaryPower Supply
STACK-T1-50CM 2 50CM Type 1 Stacking Cable
CAB-SPWR-30CM 2 Catalyst Stack Power Cable 30 CM
C1A1TCAT93002 2 DNA Premier Term, C9300 48-port
C1A1TCAT93002-5Y 2 DNA Premier Term C9300 48P 5Y - DNA, 25 ISE PLS, 25 SWATCH
C1-C9300-48-DNAA-T 2 Cisco ONE C9300 DNA Advantage 48-Port Term licenses
C1-C9300-TRK-5Y 2 Cisco ONE Subscription SKU 5Y
C1-ISE-BASE-T 50 Cisco ONE ISE BASE License Term
C1-ISE-BASE-TRK-5Y 50 Cisco ONE Subscription ISE BASE 5Y
C1-ISE-PLS-T 50 Cisco ONE ISE PLUS License Term
C1-ISE-PLS-TRK-5Y 50 Cisco ONE Subscription SKU ISE Plus 5Y
C1-SWATCH-T 50 Cisco ONE StealthWatch License Term - 1 Flow License
C1-SWATCH-TRK-5Y 50 Cisco ONE Subscription SWATCH SKU 5Y
C1AA1TCAT93001 2 DNA Premier Add-On Term, C9300
C1AA1TCAT93001-5Y 2 DNA Premier Add-On Term C9300 5Y - 25 ISE PLS, 25 SWATCH
C1-ISE-BASE-T 50 Cisco ONE ISE BASE License Term
C1-ISE-BASE-TRK-5Y 50 Cisco ONE Subscription ISE BASE 5Y
C1-ISE-PLS-T 50 Cisco ONE ISE PLUS License Term
C1-ISE-PLS-TRK-5Y 50 Cisco ONE Subscription SKU ISE Plus 5Y
C1-SWATCH-T 50 Cisco ONE StealthWatch License Term - 1 Flow License
C1-SWATCH-TRK-5Y 50 Cisco ONE Subscription SWATCH SKU 5Y
C9300-NM-8X 2 Catalyst 9300 8 x 10GE Network Module
CAB-C15-CBN 4 Cabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250 VAC 13A, C14-C15 Connectors

Thanks Mark, useful.

BOM ??


Bill of materials,the resellers call it a BOM, i request a 9300 POW with premier license and some stack cables and an uplink module , they put what i request into a tool called CCW i think and thats what comes out with pricing attached based on your company discount, some of the items are part of the package the tool just adds them in

Thx, got you, we are a partner so sell on. Our guys use Cisco's Solution Builder, which often includes 'bundles' - kit, cables, module, IOS, license, psu etc..

I finally have an answer from official distro:


Regarding DNA license you have to buy the 3year license -A or -E (it's obligatory) no matter if you are using DNA/SD-access or not. So if you just want to use the CLI like with a 2960-X or whatever, you have to buy a 3 year licesene, but you don't have to renew it


I really have no idea who at Cisco had this idea and hope this is not the way Cisco goes for every switch. Can't imagine there are so many ppl out there willing to pay yearly license fees for a switch.

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View solution in original post


i think its all going services based now i think thats there end game , less hardware get more money from services

Do you still need to register it to Smart license portal even to use switching functionalities only?




Do you happen to have a link to where you found this information?  Was this buried in the release notes for a software version for the 9200s?


Maybe from here:
9300-STACK#sh license usage License Authorization: Status: AUTHORIZED on Sep 25 22:53:33 2018 UTC C9300 Network Advantage (C9300-24 Network Advantage): Description: C9300-24P Network Advantage Count: 4 à Number of switches in stack Version: 1.0 Status: AUTHORIZED C9300 Cisco DNA Advantage (C9300-24 Cisco DNA Advantage): Description: C9300-24P Cisco DNA Advantage Count: 4 Version: 1.0 Status: AUTHORIZED

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Willing to pay? No

Paying because it's realistically the only game in town? Yes

Having to run an additional box (or give every switch access to the internet) purely to support "Smart" licensing - ewwww.


I have the same of my customers planed to replace their ageing C2960S with C9200L and old C3750 with C9500 to build a new Campus LAN in traditional way (L2 trunk and SVI on Core) with out any fancy Campus SD-ACCESS . as i read the DATA-SHEET i was sure that i only needed perpetual network Essential license without any DNA license.but when i go to Cisco BUILD&PRICE to make the BOM it forced me to select the term-based DNA license. And for 3-year it cost 600 USD for features that no one is going to use it.we planed to buy 200 C9200L and 10 C9500 and now i don't know how to tell my customer that he should pay 120.000 USD for features that not going to be used any soon.i am sure my BOM will rejected by them and they will go to buy from other vendors or buying some white-boxes. i really don't understand why Cisco is doing this.they put much pressure on us as we can't defend our solutions and can they will lose their market share by forcing this type of licensing.why should i use Smart-Licenses for this low-end devices at all?


Dear Ahmadi,


First you have no option to skip 3 year term Network Essentials license,but this doesn't mean you cannot sell you solution to customer.


I would advise you to go in details about 9200L Products and features and definitely you will be able to convince them

Some of key features in 9200L which are not available in 2960X and quite vital for production traffic.

-> Dual FAN supply ( Free of cost)

-> Dual Power Supply ( Need to purchase secondary power supply)

-> Could based readiness 

-> Can run stub routing on this switch If I am correct.

Most important selling of 9200L over 2960X can be maintenance price of both switch which I think is cheaper for 9200L as compare to 2960X and note Maintenance price is Month recurring charges.

So you many reasons to convince customer to give a shot for 9200L


All the Best and Kindly rate helpful post.




I saw somewhere there are also plans for Catalyst 1000 devices without DNA requirement. Last time I checked I had no permission to access the datasheet, but maybe this is a worth replacement for 2960 devices which are just for switching in use.

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