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Bob Greer

Catalyst - Nexus HSRP

Hi there,

Thanks for reading.  I have a  WS-C3850-48P-S which is acting as a core/backbone, hosting the network's SVI vlan interfaces.  It was a temporary solution.  Now that the permanent Nexus switch has arrived (N3K-C3548P-10GX), I need to integrate it in the network and move SVIs with as little interruption as possible.


My thinking was to establish HSRP and move the primary role to the Nexus.


Can HSRP run between these dissimilar chasses?  I'm seeing that NXOS supports HSRP v1 & v2 but I'm not seeing a command to verify versioning in the 3850 Catalyst.  I intend to keep the redundancy running only long enough to move the SVIs since the 3850 has its own permanent role elsewhere in the network.


Thanks again!


VIP Advisor

Hi @Bob Greer,


Theoretically, the result of the #show standby command indicates when version 2 is configured.







Bob asked sort of a 2 part question: can HSRP run successfully on dissimilar chassis and about a command to verify versioning. Luis has supplied the answer about the command to verify versioning. So let me answer the first part. Yes HSRP should run on dissimilar chassis with no problem.






paul driver
VIP Mentor


Just for clarity --  IOS,<>NX-0S


interface FastEthernet0/0
ip address
standby version 2
standby 12 ip
standby 12 priority 150
standby 12 preempt


sh standby fastEthernet 0/0 all
FastEthernet0/0 - Group 12 (version 2)
State is Active
11 state changes, last state change 00:03:30
Virtual IP address is
Active virtual MAC address is 0000.0c9f.f00c
Local virtual MAC address is 0000.0c9f.f00c (v2 default)
Hello time 3 sec, hold time 10 sec
Next hello sent in 2.600 secs
Preemption enabled
Active router is local
Standby router is, priority 100 (expires in 9.944 sec)
Priority 150 (configured 150)
Group name is "hsrp-Fa0/0-12" (default


sh standby brief | in Fa
Fa0/0 12 150 P Active local





feature hsrp
interface Ethernet2/1
ip address
no shutdown
hsrp version 2
hsrp 12

sh hsrp interface eth2/1 all detail
Ethernet2/1 - Group 12 (HSRP-V2) (IPv4)
Local state is Standby, priority 100 (Cfged 100), may preempt
Forwarding threshold(for vPC), lower: 1 upper: 100
Hellotime 3 sec, holdtime 10 sec
Next hello sent in 2.771000 sec(s)
Virtual IP address is (Cfged)
Active router is, priority 150 expires in 1.364000 sec(s)
Standby router is local
Authentication text "cisco"
Virtual mac address is 0000.0c9f.f00c (Default MAC)
10 state changes, last state change 00:09:44
IP redundancy name is hsrp-Eth2/1-12 (default)

sh hsrp standby brief | in Eth
Eth2/1 12 100 P Standby local

kind regards

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HI all,


I have some problems with HSRP between Nexus 9k and Cat6500

Two devices linked by L2, trunk port and hsrp running on VLANs, HSRP in Nexus is active and Cat6500 is standby. But some of vlan in 2 devices working ok, but a lot of them not correct, hsrp in nexus and cat6500 also are active, the IP add in vlan interface between 2 devices can not PING and seem the MAC address not regconize in 2 devices


Can anybody help me


We do not have enough information about this situation to be able to offer good advice. As a start can you provide a simple diagram of the environment. Also can you post configuration (at least of the interfaces running HSRP) and output of the commands show standby and show cdp neighbor?