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Catalyst WS-C2948G Switch Speed Question

Hello all,

I am in the market for a used, under $100 GbE switch and I came across a Catalyst WS-C2948G switch. On the bottom left of the front panel it says 10/100/1000 ETHERNET and the person selling it insists that all 48 ports are 10/100/1000. My issue is with lack of documentation, whenever I try to search for that specific model, I always get the different versions such as L3, TX etc. I am looking to find out if these switches are indeed 48-port GbE.



Glenn Matthys

You'll need the specific model of the C2948G to see what specifications the ports have. Or output of some of the OS commands such as show int.

Note that the gigabit version (WS-C2948G-GE-TX) cannot operate at wirespeed if all ports are fully used, it only has 12 gbps switching capacity.

Thanks for your quick reply Glenn. The switch is listed here: Looking at the pictures all I see is the model number WS-C2948G, if it was in fact a GE-TX, would it say so on the front/top or only in the OS?

I don't have experience with Cisco equipment that old. I looked at the pictures closely and couldn't find a more specific model number. My best guess is, it only says it in the OS. I've searched the internet for pictures of the GE-TX and it appears identical. I've also tried to find pictures of the other 2948G models to verify those said only "10/100 ETHERNET" in the left corner, but could not find any.

It seems hard to identify via. pictures. that text is so small. I will keep questioning the seller to see if he can provide more in-depth information on the switch he has.

Thank you very much for the help!


  I believe the user ports were 10/100 with 2  gbic gig uplinks.  I can tell you it was not  48 ports of gig interfaces .  These came out before gig became prevalent .  Also be aware these are not IOS switches they ran Catos so you would have to know how to configure catos . If you question it have the seller send you the screen shot of a "show port "  command  and you will see the ports are 10/100 .

The regular 2948G has 48 fast ethernet downlinks, the GE-TX version has 48 gigabit ethernet downlinks. (Although you can't use the full bandwidth - see my first reply)

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I am in the market for a used, under $100 GbE switch and I came across a Catalyst WS-C2948G switch.

$100 for a CatOS?  That's pretty expensive to me. 


I have one of those switches and only 2 uplink ports are gigabit ethernet. Ask the seller to show you the output of "show port status" command.

100 dollars is a bit to much...i have paid $25 for mine.



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