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Catalyst WS-C3560 24TS option 82 wrong CID

Hello, We have switch Catalyst WS-C3560 24TS with this version of IOS: (C3560-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

The problem is that it insert in option 82 wrong circuit ID, it increments the ID with 2:

001467: DHCP_SNOOPING: process new DHCP packet, message type: DHCPRELEASE, input interface: Fa0/10, MAC da: 3e2c.b9ff.5862, MAC sa: 001c.bfab.2b57, IP da:, IP sa:, DHCP ciaddr:, DHCP yiaddr:, DHCP siaddr:, DHCP giaddr:, DHCP chaddr: 001c.bfab.2b57

001468: DHCP_SNOOPING: delete binding from port FastEthernet0/10.

001469: DHCP_SNOOPING: dump binding entry: Mac=00:1C:BF:AB:2B:57 Ip= Lease=235        Type=dhcp-snooping Vlan=10 If=FastEthernet0/10

001470: DHCP_SNOOPING_SW no entry found for 001c.bfab.2b57 FastEthernet0/10

001471: DHCP_SNOOPING_SW host tracking not found for update remove dynamic (,, 001c.bfab.2b57) vlan 10

001472: DHCP_SNOOPING: add relay information option.

001473: DHCP_SNOOPING_SW: Encoding opt82 CID in vlan-mod-port format

001474: DHCP_SNOOPING_SW: Encoding opt82 RID in MAC address format

001475: DHCP_SNOOPING: binary dump of relay info option, length: 20 data:

0x52 0x12 0x1 0x6 0x0 0x4 0x0 0xA 0x1 0xC 0x2 0x8 0x0 0x6 0x0 0x1B 0x2B 0xE4 0x8D 0x80

You can see in these logs that Vlan, Module, Mac address of switch are correct, but Interface is 12 - that's wrong.

What can be the problem ?

Yesterday I updated IOS to last version but the problem is not resolved...

With the Catalyst WS-C2960G 48TC-L and WS-2960 24TT-L I have no problem with Option 82.

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