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CCC Certificate for Importing to China

where can I find a copy of the CCC certificate for a Cisco n9k-c9336-fx2?


We shipped one to an office overseas and need it to clear customs.


Thank you!

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Phil Butler
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Level 1

Did anyone get back to solving this.  Where can we get CCC for importing to China?

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Level 1

Hi Phil, please find here the CCC certificate for your product: .

This and other Cisco products regulatory compliance certificates can be found at this link: 

Best regards,


Hello Carlo, 

I see that the ISR4421-K9 some type of certificate when I used the link you provided to look up and see if a product has the compliance certificate.  here is a link to it 

will this be the CCC certificate to import into china?   

Hi Carlo,


Could you help the me with link for CCC certificate for a Cisco C9300-48UN-E?

I searched in the link but did not see PDF link for this model. 

Robert Lowman
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Level 1


I'm having issues with getting the URL to load,

Can anyone assist with getting a CCC (China Compulsory Certification) for Meraki MS120 48 Port Switches?

I was able to locate and get the site to work! Thanks for the link.

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