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Chance to Redesign Network

I need some advice as to direction to take the new network from a design perspective.

We are a large church with 2 large buildings.  One is 55K sqft over 3 floors in an office and classroom building and the other is 45K sqft in a large auditorium seating 750 on main floor and 250 in balcony.  Our existing network has been put together over time and have purchased new Cisco equipment to replace our old router, switches and wifi.  We have a staff of 40.  Around 100 connected devices - network, laptops, printers, wireless devices (iPad, iPhone, Android), sound system, and security cameras.  Wifi access needs are 7/24 for office, meeting rooms, classrooms, conferences (50 to 500), etc.

Office primarily Apple Macbook with a few Windows 7 laptops and PC's

Internet Access via Comcast Business Class at 25MB

Problem: Old equipment - out of service and and at EOL.

              Apple Bonjour not allowing new media options to route over VLAN for presentation, meeting, and classroom needs.

              QoS for VoIP, Media Streaming, LAN, Wifi and Security cameras not working correctly

Old Network 

192.168.0.x/24  VLAN segmented [1-LAN, 2-VoIP, 10-Wifi, 50-Guest Wifi]

Cisco 1841 with HWIC 4 port 10/100 IOS 12.4

Cisco CE500-24TT switch stack (2) at EOL

Cisco WLC526 Wireless Controller with 6 - LAP512G Access Points

Linksys SFE2000P POE 10/100 switch stack for VoIP phones

Linksys SRS 224G4 10/100 switch

Linksys SRW208P POE 10/100 switch

Linksys SRW2024 GB switch

Linksys SRW2048 GB switch

Windows Server

VoIP Linux/Asterisk based PBX Server

Linksys SPA942/SPA962 VoIP phones (35 units)

New Network Equipment - replacing above

Cisco 2901 Router with Security Bundle

Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller with Licenses

Cisco 2602i Access Points (10 units)

Cisco SG300-52 port managed GB switch - 1 unit

Cisco SG300-28P POE managed GB switch - 2 units

Cisco SG300-10 port managed GB switch - 2 units

Cisco SG300-10P POE managed GB switch - 1 unit

Keeping this existing equipment for the time being

Windows Server

VoIP Linux/Asterisk based PBX server

Linksys SPA942/SPA962 VoIP phone

Key Questions:

1.  do we flaten our internal network to a 192.168.0.x/20 or a 10.0.0.x/20 and get rid of the VLAN's

     -  what kind of impact does this have our internal switches and router ?

     - does utilizing QoS mitigate the traffic issues

2. do we jump IPv4 and go all the way to IPv6 - not sure that going all the way to IPv6 can be done quite yet?

3. Stay with VLAN but focus Apple wireless needs on single VLAN and manage the mulitcast needed

    or run a Bonjour gateway to get around the VLAN restrictions

4. all kinds of security questions come to mind.

Looking forward to getting input from the community.

Many Thanks