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Changes in ESXi 7? VM's not connected to the network Nexus 9k


We have a pair of Nexus 9K's running VPC.

We have a Cisco UCS C240 which we just upgraded from ESXi 6.5 to 7.

The switch ports are not running VPC and only have a basic switchport access config applied. 2 ports on the host connected to each switch.

After upgrading we found that none of the virtual machines were connected to the network. After messing around with shutting and no shutting ports we found that we could get the VM's on the network but only if one of the NICs is shutdown.

On the ESXi side the vswitch is setup for route based on originating port ID.

Previously we didn't have a problem under ESXi 6.7 so I assume there is some change in the way 7 works with expected switch config? I appreciate this is more of a VMware question but thought someone might be able to share some insight and maybe some best practice for ESXi to Nexus setup.


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If you configured as LACP or port-channel, after upgrade may be something happened related to esxi config. so check vmware side, this is not an issue on cisco switch side, (because there may be loop that is the reason if you shutdown one side working as expected)

you can find the logs in nexus switch why the ports turn off.


you can find the LACP guide ESXi :


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