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Chromecast different VLAN's

Hello Tech People,

I am new to this forum and not a cisco expert either but would appreciate some experts help please.


I have configured VLAN's in my home network, mainly to separate IoT devices from other devices.
A bit about my network

1. Untangle Edge firewall 

2. Cisco SG -200 Switch.

3. Unifi Wifi


The Vlan's are configured on the Untangle firewall and then switch ports configured to segregate the traffic. This function works as expected but with a slight issue, I have just discovered over the weekend.

My TV has built-in chromecast which is IoTVLAN 20 whist other devices like my laptop etc are on default VLAN 1. I am unable to cast to my TV from any device in VLAN 1


Cisco.PNGPorts in Csico SwitchUFW_Vlan.PNGUntangle Firewall Config

Reading on it, Untangle does not support mDNS & is requested as a feature, but I have cisco SG-200 switch which supports Multicast & have been following article below to get chromecast working with no success.

Am i thinking on the wrong lines ? meaning to say, this configuration of the cisco switch will not work with untangle because of no mDNS support in Router

Can someone please help me understand I am confused. Can the switch be configured in such a way to send multicast traffic between different VLAN's or this is just not possible in my network

Thanks , All

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