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Cisco 1700

Not sure if this is the right place to put this. I have just received a used Cisco 1700 router and need help with a couple of things. 1.) It has no console cable. I/we will be configuring the router with a Thinkpad T42 notebook. Is there an easy way to make a console cable. Can I make one to connect thru my ethernet port on the laptop? If so, would I use hyperterminal with TCP/IP option for connection. 2.) I need to reset the settings currently on the router. This includes all passwords, routings, nat. I suppose just wipe the slate clean. Now when I do this, what will be the host address of this router when I connect thru console? Thanks


The console cable is a rollover or crossover cable. You would connect it to a serial port on a PC then to the console port on the router. If you don't have a serial port on your laptop, you'll need a USB to Serial cable. You can get one of those just about anywhere.

Hyperterminal will work fine. use a comm port set to 8, none, 1. If you have the password you can just enter 'enable' to get into priveleged mode then 'write erase' to erase the config. Once the config is erased it won't have a host address. If you don't have the password you'll need to perform the password recovery procedure.

Hi Tom,

its very simple, if you don't have console cable, juz find the attachement about the preparation of console, hardly it will take less than 10minz to prepare, all you need to have is a UTP cable with RJ-45 connectors. then you can go head with configuring the IP addresses, password, etc... it should not take more than 10minz to make your router up & running with the fastethernet ip address on the network.

hope this helps.

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Answer No 1)

IF you don't have console cable you can make console cable using CAT5E or CAT6

Cable configuration is written below

*** Use Straight pair configuration on 1 side which is T568B Standard.... and on other side change it reversely like 12345678 on 1 side and 87654321 on other side

1.. White orange

2.. Orange

3.. White Green

4.. Blue

5.. White Blue

6.. Green

7.. White Brown

8.. Brown

On Other Side

1.. Brown

2.. White Brown

3.. Green

4.. White Blue

5.. Blue

6.. White Green

7.. Orange

8.. White orange

Its just like follow the straight pair on both side but change the direction of Connector on one side

Now your console cable is ready...

Now if you don't have Serial connector on your Lap top you will need Serial to USB Convertor As well as Serial to RJ45 Connector( for connecting console cable to router )

Answer For the Host Of Router

"Router by default don't have any Ip Address so you must create a VLAN or you can Assign IP to your VLAN1 and can telnet to router using VLAN1 Ip Address.."

Now if you have done all these things then you are able to connect to your router

Answer No 2)

Now if your router have password protected then just start your router and press Clt+Pause Keys and router will give you rommon mode which is shown below


Now write these commands

rommon>confreg 0x42 or 0x32 etc etc


Now your router will restart and it ask about do you want to change configuration

then just write no and press enter

Now you are in Router's User Mode and you can go to Privileged mode by writing enable command

then write this command

router#write erase " Press Enter"

Now your router is @ factory default setting.

Please Note That

You can connect your router to your computer's Ethernet port but for that router must have Ethernet interface and you must create a VLAN with ip address of your network for pinging your pc to router and vise versa..

Hope this may helps you

If it does then do let me know

If you feeling difficult to understand then do let me know so I'll explain you again..


1 Thing more for connecting to your router using Console cable you must use some hyper terminal programs like window's hyper terminal

Now open hyper terminal program from start>programs?accessories>communications>hypertermial

1)Give the name of that connection

2)Select Your COM Port ( Its a name for serial port if you don't have then scroll down the list it will show you and you can check it from Hardware Profile if you have installed Serial to USB Converter.)

3)Press Restore Default button and press enter

Now you will able to see router's interface

Now follow the Answer No 2 of My above post