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Cisco 1941W Quality Control Issue - Chassis Antenna Connectors

Hi, we purchased our first 1941W several weeks ago to be installed at one of our customer locations.  We are having a continuing problem with receiving these with one or two of the antenna connectors not properly tightened to the chassis.  A couple of them have arrived with the antenna connectors so loose that they wiggle out of the box with gentle finger pressure.  On top of this, it seems that some brilliant engineer failed to use notched antenna connectors with a corresponding notch in the chassis when they designed the case for this so the antenna connectors could never spin, which complicates the issue.  So, what happens is that when the antenna is gently screwed onto the chassis, the whole antenna connector wiggles and spins around, so that 1. you can not properly secure the antenna; and 2. apparently the wire that connects the antenna connector to the PC board inside pops off.  I have been unwilling to open the chassis so far to investigate since I didn't want an RMA issues.  We are on the 4th RMA in a row with this issue, and have a very upset customer.

Has anyone else ran into this recently, and does anyone have any ideas?  I'm thinking about opening the chassis on the last one for this customer, but think that this is ridiculous.