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Cisco 2911 and sm-es3g-16-p switch module


Can somebody shed a bit of light on how this switch module works in 2911 router?

I have two 2911 routers in HSRP configuration for redundancy with crossover cable between switch modules. OSPF running on routers.

If active router loses its power and then comes back again, it boots first, its internal link to switch module comes up and it starts to forward packets to switch module. The switch module starts to boot only after router is ready. So I have outage of about 3-4 minutes. For our real-time applications it is way too long.

Is there any way to start booting of the switch module before router gets ready?

I understand I can boot it manually, but it is only after router is ready.

Only way to get around it I found is to disable internal link and use router interface to connect to the switch module.

Any more elegant ideas?


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It is not possible to get the switch up and be ready to send packets if the link interface on the router that goes to the switch is not up yet,it  is necessary to wait a couple of minutes while the router boots and gets the interfaces up.

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