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Cisco 2950 - 24 WS switch express install issue

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Hi Guys,

Got a Cisco 2950 24 port switch that I need to setup and I can't seem to get the page for Express install

In firefox when trying to connect to I get the message "connection was reset" in internet explorer "page cannot be displayed"

when doing a arp -a I can see that the switch does get the IP address and I can also ping the switch ok.

Have followed the instructions and reset the switch and all the mode lights are green etc.

my ethernet adapter does get the address given from the switch (however connectivity is limited / not sure if this is supposed to be like this or not)

have tried earlier versions of firefox (even 1x 2x 3x 4x) etc and also older versions of IE incase there is something weird going on there. have also tried using a mac and trying safari which gives similar results.

So i think the http server is enabled on the switch, as it should be by default when it is reset etc. according to cisco's documentation.

I know using the console cable would be alot easier however I don't have one available and not easy for me to get

any ideas? has anyone ever successfully been able to use this express install  web page on a cisco 2950 before? It has Version 12.1(22)EA14 so express install should work on this switch!


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Level 1

managed to get hold of a console cable. checked switch and http-server command was enabled so have no idea why this feature was not working...

did some research and someone suggested that it is fussy with the version of java you are running on the pc ( requires old version of java?) .. possibly that may have an influence who knows?

Think ill just carry around a Console cable in future!

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