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Cisco Community Designated VIP Class of 2020


Cisco 3560 150M Ethernet Configuration

`I have a customer who has ordered a 150M ethernet circuit from their CPE into our data center. They also have a failover link over to one of our recovery facilites in which they would use a VPN over an internet connection to access their production switch. I have attached the diagrams that I received. I am having an issue trying to figure out how to route the recovery link. The customer does not want to use a routing protocol and needs to have the recovery link configured for VLAN traffic. I have the interfaces on the 150M link configured as routed ports with a /30 connector network. I was thinking I could create SVI's for the VLAN traffic ( and ( off each interface. I would then  create static routes with the next hop address of the remote devices. That would take care of the production traffic. If the 150M link fails then the customer would move to a VPN solution in which he would connect to recovery center and we would route their traffic over to the production rack. The customer would like to implement a VLAN solution with etherchannel bundling on 3 1 gig links betwen those two facilities. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

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