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cisco 3750 switch icmp dealy to default gateway

mohamed fayz
Level 1
Level 1


I had setup a lan infrastructure with 5 3750 stack swithes. In these 3 of them are in one stack which is acting as access switch, 2 of them in another stack which is as core switch where all the SVI is configured. Now, when i tried to ping from our edge pc which is connected in access switch to default gaeway, which is configured in core switch, the ICMP is getting delayed . But when try to ping from the same edge pc to another user PC, it is getting less tahn 1 millisecond icmp replies.

Anybody please let me know, why icmp is delaying to default gateway , but working with another edge to edge pcs without any delays??????????

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Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hello Mohamed,

routers and multilayer switches answer to ICMP requests but they do not do this with high priority: they give priority to other critical activities like processing spanning tree messages, routing protocol messages and so on.

What you see should be normal.

Hope to help


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