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Cisco 3850 16.12.3a POE issues


Good morning,


Is anyone else running 16.12.3a IOS on 3850 switches?


Here is an issue we are facing but I can not find any documentation of a bug in this code and its still recommended as the code to go to...


Issue: POE Stops functioning on random ports but works on others. POE will not work for Avaya phones, cameras, cisco phones, or Cisco AP's ( 3602,3702,3802).


Work around: Reboot switch, downgrade, or find a port that will provide POE.


We began upgrading and testing on several stacks for a month or 2 with no issues prior to deploying to approximately 30 stacks of 3850's. After we did a mass deployment we began to see POE issues on switches that seem to be triggered when removing or adding a POE device. Once the condition has been triggered it will not go away until rebooted or downgraded. Logs will state " Controller port error, interface x/x/x, power given, but machine power good wait timer timed out.


I have found similar issues or bugs in older codes, have we regressed?


Hi Art,


How did your testing with 16.12.5b go? I am looking to upgrade 3850s that have been plagued with POE issues for a while now. This thread went quiet, so I am hoping this means good news. Thanks.

Leo Laohoo
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@Tmac71 wrote:

How did your testing with 16.12.5b go?

Currently have about ten stacks on 16.12.5b.  

So far, only two stacks (3850) are having SNMP and PoE issues after, get this, 6 DAYS uptime!

I have been running 16.12.5b on 8 stacks for weeks. I have a couple of stacks that I have ran it on for 10weeks with no issues. 

I have it running on several heavy POE switch stacks that contain over 48 POE cameras.


I have not encountered any SNMP or POE issues thus far. I will deploy to a wider range of switches in the next week and most likely set this as the golden image.

We had been running 16.12.5b code on 34 Catalyst 3850s - some upgrades only had place 4 days ago, while other running for 15days now. So far no issue had been reported, but as you may remember issue only show up when new PoE devices was added, which on already setup network doesn't happen daily. 

I am wondering if whoever experienced POE issue opened a TAC case and let Cisco investigate more. We are getting close to September when Cisco will stop supporting development on 16.12 track, so whatever need to be fixed have to be troubleshooted now.  

We will be doing more upgrades and should end up with approximately 140 3850 switches on this code soon. I reminded everyone on my team to not reboot switch if POE issue would show up in order to have TAC look on it. 

@Art Astafiev wrote:

I am wondering if whoever experienced POE issue opened a TAC case and let Cisco investigate more. 

TAC Case created and troubleshooting with TAC. 

Additional info:  Aside from PoE not being delivered the two switch members (from two different stacks) are both showing "Unknown" power supply details. 

I believe both (and the same) stack members (from two different stacks) are hitting a very familiar 16.12.4 PoE/SNMP bug.

We have an urgency to get 16.12.X bugs sorted because 16.12.6 is about to come out (first week of September) and this is the last-and-final firmware for the 3650/3850.