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Cisco 4507-R-E Power Supply

Hey All,


We have a Cisco 4507-R-E switch. One of the power supplies went out, so I took a power supply out of a Cisco chassis we are not longer using. The power supply that went out is a PWR-C45-2800ACV. The power supply I replaced it with is the same model. Only thing is it didn't work. Are there slight differences in these models that may not work in this switch? When I do a show inventory it shows the same model as the second power supply, which is working, but where it says VID for the working one it has V05. For the one I put in the VID shows like this "VID:     ". The VID is blank. Does this mean I don't have the correct power supply? The second part of this is that both supervisors are orange. Can the failed power supply cause the supervisor's to be orange? Thank you very much for any help you can give me :).





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Re: Cisco 4507-R-E Power Supply



make sure you meet the requirement below:


Single power supplies are installed in the left power supply bay. The second power supply is installed in the right power supply bay.

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Re: Cisco 4507-R-E Power Supply

Suspect both power supplies are dead.
Contact Cisco TAC and arrange for RMA.
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Re: Cisco 4507-R-E Power Supply

Either you have two dead power supplies .... or ... the feed to the power supply has a fault.


The second option seems more probable.  Did you check the power supply feed itself?

Re: Cisco 4507-R-E Power Supply

Thank you all for the replies. This switch is out of warranty. But, I’m ordering a new 2800ACV. Two questions though, please. Can the power supply failure cause the supervisors to be orange? And two, could I order a 4800ACV? Will it work I’m conjunction with the working 2800ACV?


Thanks again for the assistance!



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