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cisco 7200 ip interface issue

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Level 1

I have a 7200 already configured with a cable modem interfaces working just fine with ios ver 12.2(15)BC2e. 

I just got another 7200 with the same cable card with ios ver Version 12.2(33)SCB4 for another site

the plan was to simply copy the working config to this one and walk away.

unfortunately i can no assign an ip to the cable interface, but successfully assigned an ip to the gig interface.

the only clue i can see is the out from the new 7200

BC_CMTS#sh ip int cable 3/0

Cable3/0 is administratively down, line protocol is down

  Internet protocol processing disabled

any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

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John Blakley
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Cable3/0 is administratively down, line protocol is down

Administratively down means the interface is shut. Try to bring it up with:

int cable3/0

no shut

I don't have any experience with these cards. When you say that you can't assign an address, do you mean that you can but it doesn't work, or do you get an error?


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thanks for the quick reply.  the port was disabled at that point and time, but has nothing to do with the issue.

quite simply put, when i try to configure an ip address on the cable card, i get the typical "

% Invalid input detected at '^' marker." error message.  When I type "ip ?" under that interface there is no address option.

just to recap this config works just fine on my other 7200 and cable card, but this 7200 has a newer IOS.

any insight or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Level 1
Level 1

i figured this out a while ago and realized i never provided an update.  my bad...

in the newer IOS I needed to use the cable bundle command on the cable interface, create a bundle interface and put my ip addressing in there

interface Cable3/0
cable bundle 30

interface Bundle30
ip address

Thanks for posting back to the forum to let us know that you figured out the issue. Also thanks for supplying the details of what the issue was and how you fixed it. This may be helpful to other readers who may need to work with 7200 routers with interfaces to cable modems.





my pleasure

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