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Cisco 7970g project

Hi guys! So it's my first time posting here but I am doing so because I wondered if anyone out there in the vast world of Cisco could assist me? So basically, I bought a Cisco 7970g from eBay and I'm trying to get this connected to Sipgate Basic. I know this requires a form of Call Manager and I think I need to get a Cisco router and I can get a Cisco 867VAE from eBay also for a low cost.

So basically here are my questions:

• Will the Cisco 867VAE run Call Manager or Communications Manager, etc?

• How do I install the manager and is it free? (aka. no annoying contracts as I'm not a business I just find this an interesting hobby.)

• Can I connect the Cisco 867VAE Router to an ethernet switch instead of directly to a broadband line?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Oh also if anyone knows a way of connecting it to Sipgate Basic without a Cisco Call Manager then please pop a reply! :)


Thanks! :)


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Re: Cisco 7970g project

The phone can work with or without CUCM.  There is a growing number of people, including me, who's got Cisco phones integrated to non-CUCM call servers called Asterisk.  

Your voice service provider will, most likely, support SIP protocol.  They will probably not support SCCP.  

So this means you'll need to prepare the following items: 

  1. SEPmacaddress.cnf.xml file;
  2. SIP firmware for the phone, recommended 9.4(2)SR1 or newer; 
  3. Dialplan.xml.cnf file; 
  4. TFTP server; and 
  5. DHCP Option 150

Talk to the service provider and find out the following: 

  1. Do they support NAT; and
  2. Do they support ALG

Hope this helps & please don't forget to rate our useful posts.  

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