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Cisco 870 doesn't like my new router

Thanks to my great house and the number of devices I need in a certain room, my setup for the past 4 or so years has been

     [Cable Modem]  ->   [DIR-615 Router]   ->   [WRT54G Wireless Client Bridge]   ->    [Cisco 870]

It's worked almost perfectly, rarely needing to be reset, and almost every time it did it was a problem with the cable modem. 

I recently inherited a D-Link DIR-655, and decided to modify my network to end up with this:

     [Cable Modem]  ->   [DIR-655 Router]   ->   [DIR-615 Wireless Client Bridge]   ->    [Cisco 870]

I didn't need to change anything on the 870 and it worked, but the not consistently.  The 870 loses internet access often.  Sometimes it gets it back, and sometimes I need to power-cycle it. 

Given how well it worked before, is there some firewall / port setting I no longer remember that I need to take care of?  I'm happy to read a manual if one is available, but the Cisco documents I've seen so far don't discuss this topology, and I can't connect the 870 to the cable modem or wire it directly to the router.

Thanks for any insights you can offer.

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