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Cisco 9300 Stop learning MAC in same VLAN

Hello all

I have a ver strange situation in my network, recently i upgrade my switch from Cisco 2960 to Cisco 9300 48T with IOS XE and version Fuji 16.9.2. With the same basic configuration.

I have got  a very simple scenario, before and now, I have an 9300 stack with ESXi server conected to the stack without portchannel, ( esxi got the control of both wires),

I have this port configured as Trunk, and in theESXi have several virtual machines configured. The problem is sometimes and randomly , The ESXI stop learning MAC in the same VLAN. And the Virtual Machines stop seeing each  others ...

To solve the problem I need to regenerate the MAC in the Vcenter of the affeced Virtual machine, and magically works... With the previous switch  this behaviour not happen never!.

I have got wireshark traces and nothing rare appears... Except some VN tag frames ...

¿Any Idea?

VIP Mentor

Re: Cisco 9300 Stop learning MAC in same VLAN

Were running 16.6.5 Everest and were not seeing issues like this with vms , if you add a static mac does it fix it too , just to see if its a dynamic issue , i would change ios version though , FUJI 16.9.2 is an ED and not even the latest or recommended one in the train , if you read the release notes 16.9.3 was brought our just to fix bugs in 16.9.2 no new features or software enhancements just bug fixes ,16.6.5 has been stable for us

Re: Cisco 9300 Stop learning MAC in same VLAN

Thanks Mark, I did not see a bug fix talking about this behaviour in the release notes of Fuji 16.9.3, but it no problem to change the train to Everest an test it again with the new version.
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Re: Cisco 9300 Stop learning MAC in same VLAN

Hi Elena
yes so what i have got from reading these package releases and whats online as im deploying these 9ks myself everywhere ,is the Fuji and Gibraltar releases seem to be the enhancement images newest features and fixes but majority of them are ED releases early deployment so they can be a bit more susceptible to bugs as there not as heavily tested as MDs , Denali and Everest are the MD main deployment releases and seem to be more stable so it may be worth a shot switching over at least it will rule out the IOS ,i believe only Everest is available on 9ks sets an thats what were using and seems stable and we pushed to Denali on some of the 3k series , we had different issues with a fuji release ourselves

unfortunately all these releases are very new so the bug if you have hit one may not even be known by TAC and may not be in the caveat release section of the guide , you could take that path and run through TAC get the bug ID if there is one and then move to a new release or else just try a recommended star stable version as a quick fix , TAC can tend to point to them anyway as fixes

if that doesn't fix it there maybe something none software related happening
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