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Cisco C9300-48P-E Switch As an edge switch

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I just purchased two Cisco C9300 switches because it was recommended as a replacement for the 3750 switches. However I cant seem to get the switches to pass traffic through from the ports. I get connectivity on the devices. I can connect from one switch to another but my devices that are plugged in never pick up an IP. I even tried assigning a static IP to the device and it will not give me any network access. Does anyone have a basic config they can post for the C9300? Or any suggestions? Im at a loss.



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Hi DAvelarNIC -

We can see from your output that all VLANs except 101 and 110 are passing from the new switch to the 3750.  The exceptions are due to the fact that they don't exist on the 3750.


Since all VLANs except 101 and 110 have their root pointed to Gi1/0/48, we can infer that those VLANs don't exist on the 3750.

"sho spanning root"
Root Hello Max Fwd
Vlan Root ID Cost Time Age Dly Root Port
---------------- -------------------- --------- ----- --- --- ------------
VLAN0001 32769 0022.5635.a700 16 2 20 15 Gi1/0/48
VLAN0003 32771 0022.5635.a700 16 2 20 15 Gi1/0/48
VLAN0101 32869 c4c6.03df.a800 0 2 20 15 VLAN0110 32878 c4c6.03df.a800 0 2 20 15 <truncated


We can also see the differences in the "show int trunk" commands "spanning-tree forwarded and not pruned" section.  Additionally, we can quickly see differences in the VLAN list in the "show spanning summary".


Everything else should be working fine.



I cant believe I did not see that. The 3750 was in transparent mode and in fact did not have the VLAN's. I have changed to client mode and can now see the VLAN's. I will check for connectivity later today. Thanks to everyone for all the assistance. I will post back later how things turned out. Much appreciated!

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