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Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TT-L Switch

Hi everyone,

I have the above mentioned Cisco switch. I am interested in knowing the IP address or the assigned name of devices connected to its individual ports. I am not interested in changing any of the switch's or port's properties.

1Q) Can someone please tell me which Cisco application I can use for this?

2Q) Is there any specific port of it that I can or cannot connect to for this purpose?


Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,



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Re: Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TT-L Switch

@neilmehta42969453 , Hello!


There are some resources on your own switch that can help you.


Firstly enable this resources whether are disabled.


CDP: Cisco properties

LLDP: Standard Devices

sw(config)# cdp run

sw(config)# lldp enable


they will show to you directly device connected (hostname, ip address, platform and others).

command that can be used:

show cdp neighbors

show cdp neighbors detail

show lldp neihbors

show lldp neighbors detail


There are others commands, check it:




Other resource that you can use is the entry arp. 

show arp will show to you information about mac and ip address learning on each interface.




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Re: Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TT-L Switch

on the switch (L2 device) issue the command "show mac address-table"

-> capture the output to record what mac address is connected to what interface

on your router (L3 device) issue the command "show ip arp" (could be this same switch?)

-> capture the output to record the relation of MAC-addresses and  IP-addresses


in a spreadsheet sort both lists on mac address and match both lists 

-> result is a combined list "MAC - IP - port"


Re: Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TT-L Switch


If that is something you want to or need to check more often,
maybe consider enabling DHCP Snooping (if you haven't already).

If you have - you will be able to find MAC Address and IP Address of all connected Clients which obtain their IP Address over DHCP.

Best regards


Re: Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TT-L Switch

Thank you so much for your reply. Which software do I need to issue these commands? GNS3 or Cisco Packet Tracker?

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