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Cisco Catalyst 3750V2-48PS & Cisco Catalyst 3750-48PS Switch Stack

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Hi Ill like to be sure. Ive been trying to add a new Cisco Catalyst 3750V2-48PS to a  switch stack made up of 2 Cisco Catalyst 3750-48PS (in production).

Stack master is the Cisco Catalyst 3750-48PS ( WS-C3750-48P).

I ordinarily should get a mismatch when i do a show switch , but after several attempts to fix this issue I still get the same error message and I cannot afford a downtime.

I will like to know if these switches can exist inthe same stack due to the difference inthe hardware and iOS they run as im not sure if I can get a common ios that will run on both models since this is needed for a stack. 

Thank you.

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Somasundaram Jayaraman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


For a successful formation of stack, all the devices in the stack should run the same IOS.

Else you would get version mismatch error.

3750V2-48PS & 3750-48PS can form a stack, provided the ios image is the same.

useful links:


Hope this answers your question.



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Level 3

You can run any ios on 3750-48PS,as long as the flash is not 16mb one.If flash is 16 mb,you can run only ios 12.2(55)SE and below.

3750v2 and 3750 can be stacked together if there ios are same.Let me know your flash size of 3750-48PS.I can suggest you ios.

Thanks Ankur,

My Flash size is 16mb.

You can use 12.2(55)SE or any maintenance build of 12.2(55)SE...Thats the latest you can use on all the switches.

If you are changing image anyway,better go with 12.2(55)SE4.

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