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cisco mini usb console driver for win 7

Hi Guys,

Can any one please, advise me from where I can download the "" or in other words the mini cisco usb console cable driver (for windows 7 / 32 bit) ? Please advise.




You'll need to clarify if the Mini USB Console Driver is for a switch/router or for a WAAS Appliance. If it's for the WAAS you need to download the following driver.

Heads up

A VERY MUCH irritated with Cisco. I just purchased 4 2960x switches, the install instructions tell me to go to the Cisco site to download the USB drivers, I login and am told I cannot down load the drivers because a service contract is required. Downloading the Windows 7 USB drivers should not require a service contract when you spend almost 20k on the products!!!!!


I aggre with you. I wanted to try  the usb cable. But with this restriction i will continue using the usb serial adapter.

So you bought $20k worth of switches and didn't bother to cover the investment with a SMARTnet contract? Doesn't seem very smart to me... In truth you probably spent $400 on ebay and CAN'T cover them. 

I totally disagree with you and by your sarcastic response you haven't got a clue.  I work for a company that has multiple support contracts with Cisco, we spend an average of 5 million a year on new equipment and service contracts annually and we still have issues getting that same driver file for the USB cable that comes with the routers/switches.