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Cisco N7K to N2K & N7K to upstream devices like firewall,load balancer,router etc connectivity design.

I'm about to order 2 X N7706 switches with 2 line cards for each chassis. The line cards are N77-F324FQ-25 & N77-F348XP-23 and I need 3 connectivity between N77-A & N77-B for VPC peer link, keep-alive link & L3 link with full redundancy using port from both line cards.But one line card has 40G port and another has 10G link which will make it difficult for creating port channel for each type connectivity ( type = peerlink/keep-alive/L3 ) using a 40G port from one line card and a 10G from another card from same chassis. I read 40G port of N77-F324FQ-25 can logically be split into 4x10G that is giving me an idea in achieving the redundancy for each type of connectivity using port from both line cards.

Here is what I'm planning to do - I would use 4 or 6 pairs fiber cable ( OM3 or OM4) with MPO connector at each side of the fiber and MPO connector will go into QSFP-40G-SR4 inserted in 24th port of N77-F324FQ-25 at each side of chassis.The 24th port of N77-F324FQ-25 line card would then be logically split into 4 x 10G say eth1/24/1 - eth1/24/4. I would then connect cables between 4 ports of N77-F348XP-23 from each chassis. Now the question is, can I use one logical port(10G) created on N77-F324FQ-25 with one port of N77-F348XP-23 to make a port channel. If yes, I would create 3 such port channels and use them for vpc peer link/keep-alive/l3 link respectively.

If the above design doesn't work, I'll have to purchase of 2 X N77-F324FQ-25 for each chassis which definitely increase the expense a bit more and dedicating 40G for VPC peer link,keep-alive and L3 link is likely two much. Having no other option to achieve full redundancy for all 3 types of link using port from both line cards when N77-F324FQ-25 & N77-F348XP-23 mixed cards are in place, would make me to go with 2 X N77-F324FQ-25 for each chassis.I could connect upstream devices ( fw/lb/switch) to N77-F348XP-23, but not having N77-F348XP-23 would require me to have 2 FEX to connect those
upstream devices. The EIGRP would run between upstream device & N7706, so is it a good design to use FEX to connect upstream devices or fw/lb/non nexus should directly be connected to a line card sitting on parent switch.


Attached diagram of my requirement.

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